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Scar is the OG Bradley Retriever.  As a typical Hungarian Vizsla, Scar excels at both pointing upland game birds and retrieving downed waterfowl.  His favorite pastime, however, is claiming his spot on the bed. Sadly, he passed away in 2017 at 13 years old. He was a legendary bird dog to many friends and clients, and one of our favorite old men.


Rebel, a German Shorthaired Pointer, definitely lives up to his name, in nearly every aspect.  Despite his numerous years of growing up (be it he is still a "puppy" at 13), Rebel is a beast in the field, and will occasionally retrieve something other than a downed bird - but its almost guaranteed he will not return it to you.  

Bradleys Steel Magnolia

This young lady lab has a heart of absolute gold. Nothing (not even food, which she also loves) will distract her from a downed bumper or bird, and she will not be stopped until she gets to it.  She has grown into an exceptional guide dog (both upland and waterfowl) who refuses to give up on any bird. 

Bradleys Waterboy

Gator is a retrieving machine, the number one guide dog, and best friend in the hunting blind.  He has no idea that he is too big to be a lap dog and he would much rather sit in your blind than his. There is nowhere this boy would rather be than picking up ducks (unless bottles are an option).  Unfortunately, Gator was diagnosed with Dysautonomia in 2017 which slowed down his competitive career, but he is back in action guiding waterfowl hunts throughout the Midwest.

Bradleys Movin & Groovin

The newest upland member of Bradley Retrievers is a small, yet mighty,  ball of energy.  We have high hopes for this young GSP, and he has a big motor for big hunts.  He definitely follows in his brother, Rebel's, footsteps, being a complete handful at all times and eating everything in site (both edible and inedible).  Luckily, we love him just the same and he is a beast on wild birds.

Bradleys Buy All The Boots

Last, but not least, is this little ball of chocolate fur.  Lottie joined us in 2017 as a highly-anticipated retriever prospect.  She is bred for absolute success, and is a wicked marking dog with a killer water desire, all packed into a brown, bear-like, body.  Look for Lottie this guide season before she debuts her competitive retriever skills next spring.

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